The World Without Us

Adam wrote this amazing beginning to a story.

It happened quickly. They drilled a tunnel with a drill made of some unknown substance. As soon as the bomb exploded from the earth core, magma spewer forth and the earth started to collapse in on itself. There were just a few of us left. It was apocalyptic. Me, Crazy Dave and my brother. Everything was black, charred. We walked. I don’t know where, there was no north, no south, no east or west. All destroyed. All blown up. The little food we did find was rancid and mostly made us ill.

We were heading for a settlement, preferably a small village where there would be an uncontaminated well. It was much colder than you would expect this time of year. The reduction in gravity and heat resulted from the earth’s mass greatly decreasing. in Short terms, it got colder and stayed colder.

Written on Monday, September 8th, 2008 at 5:29 pm by Ian. Filed under Links for students.

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