The Woman In Black

hurley.jpgOn Tuesday a party of students and staff caught a train up to London to see the Woman In Black at the Fortune Theatre.

The book is one we studied at Christmas for GCSE coursework and because it made such an impact the students asked if we could go and see the play.

We got to London early so we walked to Covent Garden where Hannah, on the way, pulled. He was a 13′ tall man (on stilts) in a gold foil suit who kept calling out her name.

We spent time in Covent Garden looking at the shops, stalls and street entertainers before walking up to China Town. China Town was FANTASTIC. It was the day before their celebrations for the Chinese New Year. Everywhere had banners on the wall, large red decorated lanterns hung up between buildings (red stands fr good luck in the Chinese culture) and lots of good food in the windows. We weren’t sure about the tangerine coloured octopus but it all smelt brilliant.

At the theatre we met one of the actors and then took our seats. We knew the play was frightening but our seats and we looked down on the stage far below.

The play was great. Everyone, and I mean everyone, jumped and screamed at the right points. Big Aaron ended up a quivering wreck and Little Sam sat for large periods of time with her hands ove her ears and her head bowed.

At the end we all agreed we’d thoroughly enjoyed it but no-one was scared, no-one screamed and it must have been everyone else who had. We are hard-core.

We walked back to the station stopping at a London McDonalds (they taste better) and then caught our train home.

It’s true: the journey home always takes half the time the journey going does, plus everyone played a hundred games of Uno.

A cracking day out.

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