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Mobile Phones in School

Pupils may bring their phones to school but MUST adhere to school rules regarding their use.

  • Phones can be handed in to the main office for safe keeping and collected at break/lunch times or for those pupils who prefer to keep hold of their phones the following rules apply:
  • Phones must be must be switched off and kept out of sight during lessons and must only be switched back on during break times or at lunch. Phones used outside of these times will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.
  • Where misuse is persistent or serious, the pupil’s parent/carer may be asked to come and collect it.
  • Phones will also be confiscated if used to record staff or other pupils


Have a look at these websites below:

Leisure activities:

Information on staying safe can be found on:

Also have a look at the ‘Staying Safe’ links in the sidebar at the left.

If you need advice on housing or are thinking of running away:

phone or text Re-Run on 07958 475 075

Careers advice can be found on:

Alison McClurg from Connexions can often be found in the meeting room by the entrance hall at the Centre – just ask to see her if you need help and guidance on careers and many other issues.

Drugs advice can be found on:

and don’t forget you can always talk to Helen from SHADOWS (Dorset’s Drug Advisory Service) who drops into the centre on a regular basis.

If you have any worries about other students’ safety, or worries about how staff or other adults are behaving, then talk to your tutor, Julia or Ian.