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Information for Students


Student voice is the thoughts, views and opinions of students on an educational journey. … The student voice is an integral part of ensuring learners receive an outstanding educational experience and that students feel empowered to be active in either making curriculum or institution wide change.

This is your opportunity to be part of a bigger voice, to be heard heard by SLC staff, others students and parents and to be part of improving our provision for the future students and for your personal experience.

Each tutor will nominate a student voice representative and a deputy who can represent them in their absence.

You will meet every month and give views and opinions of your peers


Mobile Phones in School

Pupils may bring their phones to school but MUST adhere to school rules regarding their use.

  • Phones must be handed in on arrival to the main office for safe keeping and collected at the end of the school day
  • Pupils will not be allowed into school until phones are handed in
  • Phones must be switched off when handed in
  • Phones not handed in will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day
  • Where misuse is persistent or serious, the pupil’s parent/carer may be asked to come and collect it
  • Phones will also be confiscated if used to record staff or other pupils

We are a No Smoking school

Students should NOT bring smoking paraphernalia into school.

If a student is seen in school with any sort of smoking  paraphernalia it will be confiscated and parents/carers will be informed, items not collected by  parents/carers within 7 days will be destroyed

School Uniform

All students from September should wear uniform. It is our expectation that pupils wear  a polo shirt with the school logo, along with black school trousers/skirt with sensible footwear.

Every student will be given one of our new polo shirts and additional shirts will be available to purchase from the school.

 Post 16

The Centre works hard to ensure all pupils have the appropriate knowledge and understanding required to make informed judgements regarding post 16 destination.  Pupils currently participate in lessons created to address the world of work and independent living.  We also work collaboratively with Ansbury Guidance to ensure all our Yr 10’s & Yr 11’s have direct 1:1 support in order to identify a career path or further training.

We have also developed strong partnerships with local education and training providers as listed below to enable pupils to experience college life through KS4 taster courses.  This has enabled pupils to make informed choices about their future.

Ansbury Guidance

Centre Advisor:  Alison McClurg

Alison is available at the Centre.  Pupils can request appointments through their Year Groups or by speaking to the office staff.

Alternatively, pupils and families can visit the Ansbury website for further information, guidance and support.


At the end of academic year 2016-17 all of our Year 11 students went on to further education or employment. This is well above national average.



Have a look at these websites below:

Leisure activities:

Information on staying safe can be found on:

Also have a look at the ‘Staying Safe’ links in the sidebar

If you need advice on housing or are thinking of running away:

phone or text Re-Run on 07958 475 075

Careers Advice

Alison McClurg from Ansbury Guidance can often be found in the meeting room by the entrance hall at the Centre – just ask to see her if you need help and guidance on careers and many other issues.

Drugs advice can be found on:

and don’t forget you can always talk to staff from REACH (Dorset’s Drug Advisory Service) who drop into the centre on a regular basis.

If you have any worries about other students’ safety, or worries about how staff or other adults are behaving, then talk to your tutor or Year Lead.