SLC visit London

On the 12th November we took a group of Year 11’s on the train into London to watch the stage production of War Horse.

The day was brilliant. It started with a lovely train journey into Waterloo, with several games of Uno and Pass the Pig being played.

We then took the tube into Convent garden and for some this was the first time they had ridden on the tube.

Here are the students enjoying Leicester Square tube station too…

war horse 1

We then decided to have lunch altogether in an authentic Italian restaurant.

war horse 2

There was time to have a quick look around the Disney store before we went on to watch the brilliant War Horse show.

The trip was a complete success, the students were amazing and a credit to SLC!

The students really enjoyed the experience too;

war horse 3

“I really enjoyed my trip to London because we got to explore London and see new things like a floating man in Convent Garden. The best bit of War Horse was people making the noises of the animals.”

“I really enjoyed my trip to London because the scenery on the train and around London was pretty. I also enjoyed walking around the Disney shop and having lunch at the Italian restaurant. There wasn’t really a best part of War Horse as it was all so amazing, but one of my best bits was at the end when Joey and Albert returned home after the war it was very emotional.”


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