Sensory Testing at Rylands Farm

The day was planned and led by Kim and SLC students and involved students from a local special school.

Today was designed to help young people understand how to cope with a disability and the difficulties of being a carer. We chose the farm because of the unfarmiliar surroundings and because it was noisy, smelly and the strange sensations (such as being licked by a cow). Students were blindfolded to perform a number of tasks and this increased their other senses making related feelings easier. Students were surprised by the difficulties of being a carer and having to disregard your fears to be supportive of your charge. They found that staying focussed, attentive and reassuring when you didn’t feel confident was extremely difficult.


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  1. Paul Hopkins said, at 4:21 pm on October 19th, 2009 :

    What a fantastic idea, introducing difficult to engage teenagers in an activity that makes them think, take responsibility and challenge the prejudices!!!

    It takes a certain something to be able to do this with teenagers, giving them something to actually think about!!!

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