This term the art room has been dedicated to investigating Cubism, and in particular, the works of Picasso and Braque. They have been comparing the styles of both these artists and looking at the differences in their work.


The KS3 groups have been learning about geometrical drawings and collage and the KS4 groups have been studying Picasso’s ‘ Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’.

Here is a taster of some of the work that has been achieved.



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Bea’s Powerboating Video

Bea made this fantastic video of her Powerboating.

October 30th, 2013 by Ian in curriculum

We are sailing…

XL Sailing

Good luck to all the staff and students who are sailing the high seas this weekend!

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Den building and bacon sandwiches in the woods


On Monday KS3 decamped to the woods to do follow up work related to our “shipwrecked” topic.

We built our own dens and foraged as Robinson Crusoe must have done although we did have the luxury of a trangia cooker and a couple of packets of bacon.

We decided we could cope with being shipwrecked if we had enough bacon for bacon sandwiches. As one of the boys said, “it’s the smell isn’t it. It gets you every time.”

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Talent for Writing Competition

Cassie Sharp was one of the English group who entered the National Young Writers creative writing competition.

Her brief was to create a short story using exactly 100 words. It’s not easy at all…you try it.


“Go on,” they dared, pushing her towards the broken door.
She squeaked, No! C’mon, don’t be stupid.”
They shook their heads and shoved her again. She fell inside the old putrid house. The boys pulled the door shut; they held the door so she couldn’t get out.
“Lemme out!” she screamed. She was banging on the door, in tears, when suddenly the boys stopped laughing.
“Guys?” she called out.
A floorboard creaked behind her. She turned slowly to see an old mummified woman standing there: her yellow teeth stained with blood. The monster stared at her, whispering “hello…”

Well done Cassie.

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DSC 0067
Wednesday mornings have been busy in the Art room. Jeff Body from Artslink has been helping the KS3 boys how to carve African masks from plaster. The sessions ran for 3 weeks and most of the boys took an active part in creating 3 magnificent masks which look like they have been made from bronze.

Well done to all the boys who took part, you did an amazing job. A special mention must go to Elliot who worked tirelessly for the full 3 weeks. I am very proud of your effort and I hope you are proud of your amazing mask.

Special thanks to Artslink for lots of things but mostly for putting us in touch with Jeff, a gifted and special man. He worked so hard with our students and brought the best out in every single one of them. Thank you!!

More pictures here

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Welcome back!

The Summer holidays are almost over and term starts again on Tuesday 3rd September. (Staff are back the day before.) We are starting the new year on the back of our best ever exam results. This year is set to be even better, with our winning combination of amazing staff and wonderful students. Not to mention a shiny new Science room and revamped Maths room.

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Sailing at Sutton Bingham


Off in the distance you can just see a small sailing boat. In it, Chris is teaching Charlie and Louise how to sail. A beautiful spot for a challenging activity in which students learn not only how to sail but how to take responsibility for themselves and each other and how to work in a team.

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Strange visitors

Even by our standards, we had some highly unusual visitors last week.

Some of our students bravely held the animals. I bravely kept away. Thanks to Zoolab for coming to see us.





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Masks 1

Key Stage 3 have been investigating African masks this term. They have been researching different kinds of masks from various regions, and looking at the many ways that they were used.

Masks 2

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