May 26th, 2011 by PhilS in Links for students

Rebecca started working in Gimp again this week and, using some of her own wonderful photos, started creating these beautiful Rorscharch style blots.

Great work Bex, keep taking the photos and we’ll do some more.

May 16th, 2011 by PhilS in Links for students

Lynsay picked up to a snails pace today and created this rather interesting piece of work. Using a variety of techniques, she ‘customised some of the local wildlife and ‘photoshoped’ herself into the mix.

Bad taste? . . . the jury’s still out.


April 7th, 2011 by Ian in Links for students

Here’s Lynsay looking proud at the end of her week with Dorset Fire and Rescue Service’s SPARC course at Gillingham Fire Station.

She took part in many aspects of fire fighter training and became leader of her sub-group. At the end of the week parents and staff from students’ schools were invited for the final presentation which started off with a drill. This included the students working in their groups responding to simulated emergency situations. Lynsay showed good leadership skills and was clearly very proud of what she had achieved.

Well done Lynsay!

Woman In Black

March 23rd, 2011 by Ian in Links for students

We’ve just returned from London where we went to watch The Woman in Black. The key words that came out of our follow up discussion were…

“Awesome, terrifying, nightmare, amazing, screams, fearful, haunting, ghostly.”

Without giving any of the plot away I think that they certainly give you an idea of what we encountered.

We also went to China Town, which is so unlike Dorset, and to the Little Italy area near to Covent Garden to eat ice cream.

It was a great day out despite just missing the train back….so thank you taxi drivers for waiting for us and thank you everyone for behaving so well.


March 14th, 2011 by PhilS in Links for students

Dan, Billie and Phil played around with 3D sketching using ready-mades today. Dan was looking at theatrical design and so we played with the idea of masks. After looking at the work of film makers, Jeunet and Caro and the designer, Jean Paul Gaultier, we experimented in mask making and face dressing.

fun fun fun

Centre walk

March 9th, 2011 by Ian in Links for students

We all went on a walk this morning, up and down hills, through woods, past fierce dogs, through muddy fields, around the Digby Estate. It was a new route and a little more energetic than previous walks.

On this graph, the blue line shows our speed (lots of stopping and waiting for the slowcoaches to catch up) and the green line shows our altitude. Some big hills!

This is the map of our route: 9.32km in total.


March 3rd, 2011 by Ian in curriculum

Sociology is the study of the society in which we live. It examines how we are influenced and shaped through being members of groups and organisations: the way we make society what it is the way society makes us what we are.

Lessons consist of quite a lot of arguing discussion particularly when Alex, Josh or Sue disagree with the wise Ian. At the moment we’re studying crime and deviancy, particularly the kinds of people who commit crime (mostly young men, it seems) and why (a good topic for discussion…)

Ice skating

March 1st, 2011 by Ian in Links for students

The regular Friday fishing group decided to celebrate the end of the half term by going ice-skating.

We went to Bristol on the train, playing a very long game of Uno to pass the time! When we arrived at the rink we were given a short lesson, which everyone persevered with, despite it being some people’s first attempt on

the ice. There were a few falls, but thankfully nothing serious, and by the end of our session we were skating around the ice without the assistance of the side! A few of the students looked very professional, and we had people skating backwards and even jumping!

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day, and with smiles all round it made for a rather sleepy train journey home. A huge thanks to everyone that was involved.

Gary’s World

February 15th, 2011 by PhilS in Links for students

Gary has spent his time in science making a globe that shows what’s going on inside our world.  He used cardboard, pva glue and the Blackmoor Vale.  His assitant Fran was not available for comment. 

Well Done Gary

Chinese New Year workshop

February 7th, 2011 by PhilS in Links for students

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we took an Imagineering workshop to Countess Gytha primary school. We worked with reception and year 1 and made dragon puppets with streamer tails. Phil, Becky, Sue and Billy had a great time and so did all the little ones. It was the most fun we’ve all had in a long time and nobody wanted to leave.

This outreaching into the community is proving to be very rewarding and enjoyable work.