It’s been so busy here we completely forget to tell you about our Ofsted inspection! How could we? We were quite nervous going in because although we know that we’ve improved in every way in the time since our previous inspection, in the words of Ofsted itself, “the goal posts have been moved’. We’re judged using the same criteria as mainstream schools and this makes it very tough. All the advice we had been getting was telling us that the most we could hope for was a judgement that we were ‘satisfactory’. So you can imagine how please we were to be graded as…






Ofsted described as a caring centre, which is what we always strive to be. We were rated as outstanding for the effectiveness of our care, guidance and support; for safeguarding; for the effectiveness of our partnership work; and for the effectiveness of our engagement with parents and carers.

We’d like you to read the whole report as it says lots of nice things about us. It’s available as a pdf file here.

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  1. Becky said, at 10:28 pm on November 30th, 2010 :

    Well done Everyone!!!

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