Ofsted: We’re officially good!

Sherborne Learning Centre transforms pupils’ lives. One pupil said ‘This place is good for second chances’, and she was right. Parents and carers speak highly of the way in which members of staff help pupils to get on with others and get back on track with their learning. Leaders and managers have a very clear vision for the school and all staff share a sense of purpose and a high level of commitment to the pupils.

This is the first paragraph of our latest Ofsted inspection and we couldn’t feel more proud.

The inspection took place on 13-14 March. Inspections are much harder now and many schools are finding that, despite improving, they are moving down a category. It is particularly hard for settings like ours, as we are assessed using the same framework that is used for mainstream schools. So we were very pleased to maintain our ‘Good’ rating. Of course, we feel we are actually very good!

Our key areas for improvement were fair and we are already working on them.

You can see the entire report here.

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