OFSTED report

The report from our OFSTED inspection of December 2007 is now available online.

The report was very positive as the first paragraph illustrates:

The Sherborne Learning Centre provides a good education for its students. It is very successful in reintegrating students in Years 1 to 9 back into mainstream schooling. It has achieved this partly through building extremely good relationships with local schools, but also through the excellent links it has established with a range of agencies which ensure that staff are able to care for students and support their welfare very effectively. As a result, students make outstanding progress in many aspects of their personal development. The most important of these are the improvements in their behaviour and their very positive approach to learning. Many feel valued in the centre and willingly acknowledge the fact that they like being treated as adults. Because of this they respond positively and are keen to do well. Students’ recognition of the changes that the centre has brought about in them is reflected in their parents’ very positive views. Many comment on the very good relationships and support of staff and how much their children have changed for the better since starting at the centre.

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