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A new Maths Project has proven to be inspirational in the centre this week, and yes you did hear correctly, a MATHS project!!

Emily, Bronwyn and Beth have been researching ,and playing, games  for children. They decided on a beetle drive style game, using a dice to decide which piece of the puzzle to put in.

The designers then dedcide on a Simpsons theme, for universal appeal, and are in the process of deciding a material to make it in. The Picture on the left shows the “executive” version, cast in metal.

The project spanned subjects by asking Patrick, Michael and Shiny Phil to produce the pewter prototype in D+T.

Great work from all concerned and here’s looking forward to more MATHS!

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  1. Julia said, at 6:50 am on June 15th, 2009 :

    Brilliant. Fantastic way to hook the students into maths – doing it without realise they’re doing it almost -and incorporating D&T and asking for other students’ input is a brilliant achievement in team work and one subject being used in another – project work, collaboration, discussion – it’s all here. Brilliant.

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