Maths Game

homer beetle drive blogThe Maths group carried on their Simpsons themed Beetle Drive game today. This time they worked in wood to create larger hand painted versions of the game.

Bronwyn, Jess, Emily S, Beth and even Kenny got their hands dirty, much to Bronwyn’s dismay.

The designer then evaluated their ideas and decided they wanted to up the ante.

Watch this space!

Written on Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 at 9:26 pm by PhilS. Filed under Links for students.

2 comments to “Maths Game”

  1. Becky said, at 3:45 pm on June 18th, 2009 :

    Amazing work guys and girls! Looks great. Can’t to see the completed product 🙂

  2. jez said, at 11:51 am on June 19th, 2009 :

    Bronners with dirty hands ???

    Surely not? Some mistake there I feel.

    I look forward to seeing the finished product

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