Jay talking about Making the Skate-park

Jez and Phil talk to Jay about the 3D model he’s been making.

Jay we went on to Truespace, and we got a cube, we got cubes, put them next to each other , glued them together, we got a hexagon was it? No a cylinder, we shrunk it down, we cut it we made it into a ramp, made the metal bars, got a load of cylinders, shrunk them down stuck them together.

Phil Tell me about the painting on the wall

Jay Oh that was tricky. We did digital graffiti, we selected areas with the magic wand, then we got the spray brush, we sprayed it, and if you spray it lighly you get a tint, if you spray it longer you get a deeper colour, and we did that.

Jez And you drew that Jay?

Jay Yeah

Phil He drew it, photographed it, imported it into a computer, and then coloured it within the computer, and then Jay added the blood in the computer. Which was easier Jay, drawing it on paper and colouring it in, or actually drawing it in the computer?

Jay In the computer, I would say, because you can rub out if you make a mistake, you can move things around, change their colour. You can make mistakes.

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