I Am Me!

On Monday 17th November the I Am Me campaign was introduced to the students and staff. I explained that as it was anti-bullying week it might be a good idea to re-name it the “I Am Me” campaign and that we should try and look positively at ourselves as individuals: to celebrate our strengths and weaknesses and be proud of who we are.

Throughout the week the students and staff were involved in lots of varied activities to celebrate I Am Me. These included digital presentations, secret postcards, I Am Me life circles, making posters and lots more.

Wednesday’s activity was the ‘whispering wall’: a drama based activity. Each student, dependant on their gender, was either Lenny Small or Curly’s wife: characters from the book KS4 study, Of Mice and Men. The students entered the meeting room on their own and walked in front of the staff who stood faceless, behind masks. Each staff member had a phrase to say to the character, repeating it over and over again depending whether or not it was Lenny or Curly’s wife. For example, “you’re strong” or “you’re pretty”. Eleven staff whispered similar positive phrases. One member whispered negative ones.

The students were excellent. They quickly became involved in the experience and many reported afterwards how powerful it was and what an effect it had on them. Many congratulations to the staff and the students who took part.

To end a successful week, sixteen students and eleven staff went out for a centre ramble. The weather was kind; cold but sunny and dry. We walked approximately 5 miles in a loop around the countryside surrounding Sherborne. We returned wearily and all shared a lunch together of hot, home made soup, bread and doughnuts for pud!

Well done to everybody who took part in the I Am Me week and for making it a meaningful and rewarding experience.

Written on Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 at 9:20 pm by Jane. Filed under Links for students, News.

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