Hadrian Exhibition

HadrianOn a warm autumnal day a group of us caught a train up to London to visit the Hadrian exhibition at the British Museum. Hadrian is regarded as a ‘good’ emperor who brought peace and prosperity to the Roman Empire. He was ruthless if he felt it was needed and had no hesitation in dealing savagely with friends or nations who opposed him. He built some wonderful buildings and some of the statues that were in the exhibition were beautiful.

The exhibition was very busy but we saw all we wanted to.

Hadrian passed on power to Marcus Aurelius, who was the old emperor in the film Gladiator.

We also wandered around Covent Garden and Soho where we saw some very interesting and unusual people. At one point we were stuck outside the Ivy restaurant with the paparazzi. They were waiting for someone famous but luckily didn’t recognise us and so we escaped without having our photos taken.

Another grand day out.

Written on Monday, September 29th, 2008 at 9:39 am by Ian. Filed under News.

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