Friday afternoon activities kicked off to a flying start today.

Patrick, Carl, Michael, Mick and Phil went geocaching at Castle Cary and found out about local History and Geography, including the ‘Monarch’s way’ trail, and the “Round House” on Bailey Hill, built in 1779 it is one of only four left in the country and formerly used as a temporary ‘pepper pot’ lock-up for offenders, drunks, and even truants. We used maths on the puzzle, involving bearings and conversions and stumbled across some puffball mushrooms to boot.

At GZ for the cache we found the ammo tin and exchanged gifts. We donated, a copy of Captain Correlli’s Mandolin (book!, not film) a CD and some toys all of which we picked up in the charity shop for £2. To find out more about geocaching and locate some near you, go to

It seems the great outdoors is as good a classroom as any. Everyone agreed it was a great way to end the week.

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  1. Ian said, at 8:50 pm on September 13th, 2010 :

    Good stuff! I’ve been geocaching a few times but only ever found one!

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