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Kenny Sk8 park

December 4th, 2008 by PhilS in Links for students

Virtually Sk8ing

Kenny was back in the digital studio today, working on images and his 3D skatepark. Working in photo manipulation programme GIMP, Kenny created a spray art image from a photo of himself taken at the real skate park in Sherborne. He then imported it as a decal into his own virtual skatepark and applied it to the wall. Finishing of by making a camera track around the park and rendering it as an animation.

See for yourself in the video.

The Graphics software we use is all available for download FREE from

Truespace 3.2 is the 3d software and is on page 3 of the 3D section

Gimp is the photo manipulation software and is on page 1 of the photo editing section

Inkscape is the vector graphics software and is on page 1 of the 2D application software

All software is downloaded at your own risk.

Stop playing. Start making. Get creative.

Run Run as fast as you can . . . .

December 4th, 2008 by PhilS in Links for students

Beth and Adam got a break from the farm and did some baking this afternoon, we took a stroll to Somerfield and browsed through the reduced to clear section, ever thoughtful of our budget. Could we believe our eyes when we saw a Shrek Gingerbread-Man set, cast aside in the reduced bin? We could not! Arming ourselves with a packet of chocolate chip cookies mix to go along with them, and some pancakes to eat whilst they cooked, we headed back to the centre. Beth disassociated herself from Adam and Phil as they re-enacted the torture scene from Shrek  “Do you know the muffin man? . . . the muffin man? . . . . the muffin man!” we think it was the “not my gum drop buttons” speech that finally pushed her over the edge.

All went well back at the kitchen and many bellys were heartily fed. Except Jez who sadly lost out to the Poltergeist.

Jay talking about Making the Skate-park

December 1st, 2008 by PhilS in Links for students

Jez and Phil talk to Jay about the 3D model he’s been making.

Jay we went on to Truespace, and we got a cube, we got cubes, put them next to each other , glued them together, we got a hexagon was it? No a cylinder, we shrunk it down, we cut it we made it into a ramp, made the metal bars, got a load of cylinders, shrunk them down stuck them together.

Phil Tell me about the painting on the wall

Jay Oh that was tricky. We did digital graffiti, we selected areas with the magic wand, then we got the spray brush, we sprayed it, and if you spray it lighly you get a tint, if you spray it longer you get a deeper colour, and we did that.

Jez And you drew that Jay?

Jay Yeah

Phil He drew it, photographed it, imported it into a computer, and then coloured it within the computer, and then Jay added the blood in the computer. Which was easier Jay, drawing it on paper and colouring it in, or actually drawing it in the computer?

Jay In the computer, I would say, because you can rub out if you make a mistake, you can move things around, change their colour. You can make mistakes.

Rememberance Posters

November 26th, 2008 by PhilS in Links for students

To commemorate rememberance day students created posters. James created a field of crosses in 3D modelling programme “Truespace”, Carl sourced free-to-download original images from the net, mostly from Guards Division and Phil composited the image together in photo manipulation software “GIMP”.

Jacob sourced and created his Image all by himself, with the odd prod.

The group then chose pertinent words to go with the image.

3D Worlds and Objects

November 26th, 2008 by PhilS in Links for students

Students have been working with Phil to create 3D worlds and objects.

James has been using it to design a Bowling trophy for his Design and Technology work.

Kenny and Jay have been creating a virtual skatepark.

Jacob created an environment poster.

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I Am Me!

November 25th, 2008 by Jane in Links for students, News

On Monday 17th November the I Am Me campaign was introduced to the students and staff. I explained that as it was anti-bullying week it might be a good idea to re-name it the “I Am Me” campaign and that we should try and look positively at ourselves as individuals: to celebrate our strengths and weaknesses and be proud of who we are.

Throughout the week the students and staff were involved in lots of varied activities to celebrate I Am Me. These included digital presentations, secret postcards, I Am Me life circles, making posters and lots more.

Wednesday’s activity was the ‘whispering wall’: a drama based activity. Each student, dependant on their gender, was either Lenny Small or Curly’s wife: characters from the book KS4 study, Of Mice and Men. The students entered the meeting room on their own and walked in front of the staff who stood faceless, behind masks. Each staff member had a phrase to say to the character, repeating it over and over again depending whether or not it was Lenny or Curly’s wife. For example, “you’re strong” or “you’re pretty”. Eleven staff whispered similar positive phrases. One member whispered negative ones.

The students were excellent. They quickly became involved in the experience and many reported afterwards how powerful it was and what an effect it had on them. Many congratulations to the staff and the students who took part.

To end a successful week, sixteen students and eleven staff went out for a centre ramble. The weather was kind; cold but sunny and dry. We walked approximately 5 miles in a loop around the countryside surrounding Sherborne. We returned wearily and all shared a lunch together of hot, home made soup, bread and doughnuts for pud!

Well done to everybody who took part in the I Am Me week and for making it a meaningful and rewarding experience.

The World Without Us

September 8th, 2008 by Ian in Links for students

Adam wrote this amazing beginning to a story.

It happened quickly. They drilled a tunnel with a drill made of some unknown substance. As soon as the bomb exploded from the earth core, magma spewer forth and the earth started to collapse in on itself. There were just a few of us left. It was apocalyptic. Me, Crazy Dave and my brother. Everything was black, charred. We walked. I don’t know where, there was no north, no south, no east or west. All destroyed. All blown up. The little food we did find was rancid and mostly made us ill.

We were heading for a settlement, preferably a small village where there would be an uncontaminated well. It was much colder than you would expect this time of year. The reduction in gravity and heat resulted from the earth’s mass greatly decreasing. in Short terms, it got colder and stayed colder.

Saoirse’s Ghost Story

November 19th, 2007 by Ian in Links for students, Podcast

Saoirse won last year’s Christmas Ghost Story competition with this fantastic story. We’ve made it into a podcast with Jez reading it. There isn’t much in the way of visuals but the words are enough.

Listen to the story.

Spelling Champions

October 29th, 2007 by Ian in Links for students, News

Congratulations to Saoirse, Hannah, Charlotte, Jayne and Bronwyn who all scored above their set spelling percentages. New Look vouchers all round!

All the students at SLC have the opportunity to take weekly spelling tests set at their ability level. They are all set a percentage they have to achieve by the end of the half-term.