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Leavers’ Prom

October 17th, 2012 by Ian in Links for students, News

When around this time last year some Year 11 students came to ask me if they could have a prom I said what I say every year when I’m asked this, which is: Yes, if you organise it and raise some money towards it. What made this year group different was that they actually did organise it and actually did work hard to raise money to make it happen. So for the first time in SLC history we had a Leavers’ Prom.

As you can see from the photos, everyone had a great time.

Well done to everyone involved. It’s certainly very quiet here without you all. And thank you to Vicky and all the other staff who worked so hard.

The one that didn’t get away

October 17th, 2012 by Ian in Links for students

Here’s Jake with a very big fish that, for once, didn’t get away! Despite being so big it broke the net!

Sailing in company

October 3rd, 2012 by Ian in curriculum, Links for students

This summer SLC students and staff have taken to the water on Friday afternoons, making the most of the dry weather and enjoying the ‘Summer’ breeze!

BTEC visit to Sainsbury’s

June 14th, 2012 by Ian in Links for students

Btec visit

Some time ago the BTEC Construction group visited our local Sainsbury’s, which was being expanded. Everyone was impressed by how seriously the site took health and safety and it’s environmental responsibilities. It was a very informative visit and we’re grateful to the site manager for giving us some of his valuable time.

Zero Tolerance - PPE must be worn

A tidy site is a safe site

Well done Jay

May 3rd, 2012 by Ian in Links for students

Jay presentation
We are very proud of Jay’s achievements at the North Dorset Skills Centre this year. Here he is receiving a certificate having completed his first year of the plumbing course.

Well done and good luck for next year!


April 28th, 2012 by Ian in Links for students

Jennie Loader from ArtsLink came to the Learning Centre on Monday to lead a feltmaking workshop with the GCSE Art students. We made dreads and a piece of felt art each, you can see the results here. We had a great morning and really enjoyed learning the processes involved in felt making. Thanks Jennie.

Dave the Gecko

April 28th, 2012 by Becki in Links for students

Dave,  our new team member enjoys the view from his elevated tree platform made by Charlie in DT.

He lives in the Science room and is fed and handled by the students.

Wire Sculptures

March 12th, 2012 by Ian in curriculum, Links for students

Fiona Campbell spent two mornings with our art students, thanks to Sherborne ArtsLink. The students produced some absolutely amazing and beautiful wire sculptures. Play the video to see their wonderful creations. (Be patient waiting for it to start, it’s worth it.)

Thanks to Fiona and Sherborne ArtsLink for making this happen.

War Horse

March 12th, 2012 by Ian in Links for students

Following the hugely popular theatre trip to see the stage play “War Horse” in London, the year year 10 girls went to the cinema in Yeovil on Monday to see the film.

It was felt it was a success. “Not bad as it goes,” and this was backed up by the sound of quiet sobbing from about 70% of the large audience….not us though…”we’re hard core.” (except for Jemma).

The Comedy of Errors

March 9th, 2012 by Ian in Links for students

On Wednesday the 22nd of February a small group of us went to London to watch a performance of The Comedy of Errors at the National Theatre on the South Bank. Here is Billie’s review.

Theatre review of The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare

Basically, this story is all about a separation, a disappearance, and also love (aren’t all Shakespeare plays set around love? I hear you ask)!! But this is no ordinary Shakespearian story, oh no! It is unlike Romeo & Juliet, where everyone dies and it’s all utter misery! Also it is unlike the story of a midsummer night’s dream, where everything is fantasy (and terribly unrealistic)! Compared to others, this play is peculiarly heartfelt.

Well, I suppose this love is one that a family would share. One that would never disappear, one that would stay in your heart forever (cheesy, I know, but how else would you describe it?).

Throughout, it has a slapstick Charlie Chaplin-ish laugh ability to the play. Lenny Henry is of course the star of the entire show! Taking to the stage and staying there… whether he’s beating his brother from another mother (purely in affection), running away from his wife (who is actually his sister in law) or speeding away on a scooter to avoid psychiatric prison officers (who wear some very clean, white overalls)!

The producer of the play presents a very modern twist to the play, BUT still sticks with the Elizabethan way of speaking… so, for example;

Modern English: How are you?

Elizabethan English: Thou are not accustomed to an introduction in your presence?

Slightly harder to “interpret” (as my English teacher would say) but it does give you a look into what it could’ve been like in the ‘olden days’ and, unfortunately, I have to admit for most of the play I had to guess what was happening through the actors hand gestures and body language.

The acting could’ve been a bit better and it also seemed that there was A LOT of improvisation, which made the play feel a bit stilted HOWEVER, the moral of the story is very heart warming and explains that in whatever nonsense that’s occurring there is always something good at the end of the (so-called) rainbow!

All in all, this play is not your traditional William Shakespeare play and I must say that I enjoyed it! It’s very nice to not to have to bring along tissues and extra mascara into the theatre.