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July 16th, 2014 by Ian in News


Each Friday a group of students go cycling around Dorset. “It’s downhill all the way!” says Mick. Sometimes this is true! Regardless, this is a wonderful way of seeing our beautiful county and staying fit.

A Very Special Garden Update

July 15th, 2014 by Ian in News

Plants 1

Thanks to the generosity of Waitrose and the hard work of Mr Hart, our new garden is now full of plants. We have herbs, vegetables and beautiful flowers. It looks absolutely fantastic. If you happen to be in our part of Sherborne please do come along and have a look. I can’t thank Mr Hart enough for what he’s done to make this space a beautiful place for our students to sit and relax.

Plants 2

Summer Fête

July 14th, 2014 by Ian in News

SLC fete 2

Fran, along with other staff and many of our students, organised a Summer Fête in conjunction with St Paul’s Playgroup. This was weeks in the planning, with students making lots of wonderful items including this incredible playhouse.

Kinder cottage

The turnout was fantastic and we raised a lot of money for SLC and St Paul’s. These pictures don’t convey quite how busy and bustling the fête was.

SLC fete

I was so very proud of everyone. We are a little Centre – at this time of year we have fewer students than the average single class in a mainstream school – yet thanks to Fran and everyone else we were able to put on something like this.

Garden Project

June 26th, 2014 by Ian in News

Working in the garden

We are very excited about the progress that’s being made with our garden here at SLC. The project was started a long time ago with some rough plans drawn by students. The old tarmac was ugly and didn’t create a good environment for anyone to spend breaks in. Our new garden is a lovely place to sit and is providing lots of opportunities for learning in D&T, Science and other subjects already. We’re also very pleased to be able to start working with the playgroup and local residents. We hope that in time this will become a place that all the community can enjoy.

Last week Gary and Elleshameadow started planting in the beds of the new garden. The idea is to have beds containing flowers, vegetables and herbs. We thought to plant the flower bed first to get some colour into the garden. Next term we hope to build a pizza oven and barbeque.

Magnificent Ladies of Sherborne!

June 23rd, 2014 by Ian in News

Ladies of SLC Race for Life

Well done Fran, Natalie, Cassie, Louise, Elleshameadow and Jasmine!

They all completed the 5k run for Race For Life, running as the Ladies of Sherborne, to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

We are all very proud of them.

Race For Life we did it

Ofsted: We’re officially good!

May 23rd, 2014 by Ian in News

Sherborne Learning Centre transforms pupils’ lives. One pupil said ‘This place is good for second chances’, and she was right. Parents and carers speak highly of the way in which members of staff help pupils to get on with others and get back on track with their learning. Leaders and managers have a very clear vision for the school and all staff share a sense of purpose and a high level of commitment to the pupils.

This is the first paragraph of our latest Ofsted inspection and we couldn’t feel more proud.

The inspection took place on 13-14 March. Inspections are much harder now and many schools are finding that, despite improving, they are moving down a category. It is particularly hard for settings like ours, as we are assessed using the same framework that is used for mainstream schools. So we were very pleased to maintain our ‘Good’ rating. Of course, we feel we are actually very good!

Our key areas for improvement were fair and we are already working on them.

You can see the entire report here.

Race for Life

May 20th, 2014 by Ian in News

Race for Life

Fran, Natalie, Jasmine, Elleshameadow and Cassie are all running for Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

The race is 5km long and takes place on Sunday 22 June.

You can sponsor the Ladies of SLC on their Just Giving page. Please support the Ladies and help raise money to fight cancer!

Christmas Time

February 13th, 2014 by Ian in News

Cassie is having a poem published!

Christmas trees, cold breeze
be careful out there you
might freeze.
Warm homes, snow domes,
Laughter and cuddles in a loving zone.
Christmas dinner, presents are a winner,
Have a cheeky kiss under the
mistletoe, be a little sinner.
Loving family, sitting calmly,
Celebrating Christmas as the snow
settles gently.

Well done Cassie!

Nelson Mandela

December 14th, 2013 by Ian in News

Following on from our work in class on Nelson Mandela the year 11s took time out of their trip to the theatre to visit Nelson Mandela’s plinth on the South Bank.



November 7th, 2013 by Ian in curriculum, News


This term the art room has been dedicated to investigating Cubism, and in particular, the works of Picasso and Braque. They have been comparing the styles of both these artists and looking at the differences in their work.


The KS3 groups have been learning about geometrical drawings and collage and the KS4 groups have been studying Picasso’s ‘ Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’.

Here is a taster of some of the work that has been achieved.