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T for Teenager in the news

October 5th, 2006 by Ian in News

Bored teenager (not at SLC)We were on the front page of the Western Gazette this week, with an article about the film we made called T for Teenager.

The film was selected for inclusion in a prestigious national film festival and is well worth watching.

You can read the article here and watch the film here.

Photos from the paper

September 25th, 2006 by Ian in News

Technology Robot 1

Robot 2 ICT

In the press

September 14th, 2006 by Ian in News

The Western Gazette had a feature on us today. It was accurate most of the way through and it was very positive, so I was pleased with it.

As I said in the article, we need to shout about the incredible work our students and staff do.

Read the article here:


There were also some great photos which will appear here soon.

Exam results

September 2nd, 2006 by Ian in News

This year’s exam results were our best ever. We had 30 students gaining 106 passes (96 GCSEs, 8 ELCs, 2 ASDAN).

Highlights include:

47 A-Cs

10 students getting at least 5 GCSEs

5 students getting at least 5 Cs or better

GCSE passes in 13 different subjects just through the Centre – many more subjects if you include exams taken by some of our students in their schools

Well done and congratulations to all of our Year 11 students and good luck for the future.

Parent questionnaire

July 12th, 2006 by Ian in News

We’ve just completed a quick survey of parents and carers’ views about what they would like to know more about. We asked which areas of the curriculum they would like to know more about, and although we still have more parents to ask, most have said they would like to know about off-site activities like Cranborne or Outdoor Education, and services such as Connexions. They have also said they’d like to know more about GCSE coursework.

We also asked how they’d like to be told about these things. The most popular response was ‘information sheet’, followed by a visit to the centre and then by website.

We are currently working on a brochure which will have a lot of this information. We have a celebration evening every November where parents and carers can find out about a lot of what we do, and we will increase the amount of information available at the next one.

We’re also planning to officially launch this website in September. (At the moment, as you can see, it’s very much a work in progress.)

Year 11 leaving do

June 30th, 2006 by Ian in News

Last week we said good-bye to our Year 11 students with a meal and some games.

We’re very proud of what our Year 11 students have achieved this year. They’ve been a fantastic bunch and a real pleasure to work with. It was very sad to see them go.



Postcard Lottery

June 30th, 2006 by Ian in News

Whenever our students do something worth celebrating we send a postcard home. At the end of each month copies of all the postcards go into a raffle and three lucky students win a voucher. There is a big prize at the end of each term.

June’s winners are Sophie, George and Jamie D.


GCSEs finished

June 26th, 2006 by Ian in News

Last Friday Jasmine took her Food Technology GCSE, bringing to a close what has been a hectic period of exam taking.

Well done to all the staff and students for getting so much done. Now we just have to wait for the results!

Roof works

June 26th, 2006 by Ian in News

This week work is starting on repairing our roof. It’s been leaking for a very long time so we’re very glad it’s finally being mended!

It’s going to be a long project. Assuming we have good weather(!!) over the Summer holiday it should be finished around the middle of September.

Whilst the work’s being done we’re going to be short of classrooms as it’s not safe to use the rooms under the parts of the roof that are being worked on.

However once it’s finished we’ll be able to put all the buckets and mops away!

GCSEs underway!

May 29th, 2006 by Ian in News

We have a marathon run of 15 different GCSEs this year. We’ve already started with the Art, ICT, English Literature and General Studies papers already begun.

We still have all of these to go…

Maths, Biology, Physics, English, Science, French, Geography, Graphics, Business Studies, Child Development and Food Technology.

Good luck to all our students and well done to every single member of staff for getting us this far!