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Facing Tides

February 12th, 2013 by Becki in curriculum, News

On Monday, SLC had one of their Healthy Schools DaysThis term’s theme was ‘Reducing Risk-Taking Behaviour’! ‘Facing Tides’ theatre company started the day giving us a performance of their new play.

“The story approaches the issues teenagers struggle with, including the miscommunication and misunderstandings within families. Other issues such as suicide, despair, and reconciliation are addressed along with drug use. The horrors associated with living on the street are touched on sensitively in this emotionally charged drama.” Facing Tides Theatre Company

The play was enjoyed by all and illustrated that whatever the problem, there is always Hope!


December 10th, 2012 by Ian in curriculum

The GCSE group go on a field trip…to the compost heap to look for bugs and beetles and other such creepy crawlies.

All the organic waste from students kitchen preparations and LOADS of tea bags have been quietly added to the black plastic containers in the garden…time has passed and the detritivores and decomposers have been getting to work breaking down and recycling the material and nutrients.

Hopefully it will be used on the garden for next year’s vegetables.

Iron filings

December 10th, 2012 by Ian in curriculum

Iron filings on a magnetDillon has discovered magnets and iron filings…

Where else are magnets found magnets?

What can they do?

How do they work?

Lots of things to discover in the next few weeks.

Sailing in company

October 3rd, 2012 by Ian in curriculum, Links for students

This summer SLC students and staff have taken to the water on Friday afternoons, making the most of the dry weather and enjoying the ‘Summer’ breeze!

Wire Sculptures

March 12th, 2012 by Ian in curriculum, Links for students

Fiona Campbell spent two mornings with our art students, thanks to Sherborne ArtsLink. The students produced some absolutely amazing and beautiful wire sculptures. Play the video to see their wonderful creations. (Be patient waiting for it to start, it’s worth it.)

Thanks to Fiona and Sherborne ArtsLink for making this happen.


January 12th, 2012 by Ian in curriculum

Just to show it’s not all fun and games at SLC, here are some students taking a Maths exam on Monday. Students tend to do very in their exams with us and we wish them good luck with this particular one, and all the exams to come!

Cycle Group

October 10th, 2011 by Ian in curriculum, Links for students

The SLC cycle group continue to try out new ideas. Last week they decided to leave the bikes behind and go to the outdoor Green Gym at Weymouth. Stephen and Darren tried out the various fitness machines, exercising the different muscle groups. Mick wisely decided that he was already fit enough and watched from the sidelines, giving advice. I bet the next day they ached in places they didn’t know they had places!


October 3rd, 2011 by Ian in curriculum, News

Keeping safe online and with new technology (such as just about every kind of new phone coming on the market), otherwise known as e-safety, is becoming increasingly important. Know IT All for Parents is a great website for information about all aspects of what your child may or may not be up to!

Also available is this Guide for Parents, Carers and Teachers about Social Networking Sites, available as a pdf download.

Trip to Bath

July 19th, 2011 by Becki in curriculum, Links for students

Yesterday on Thursday 14th of July, Jane, Suzette, Julia, Billy and I went on a trip to Bath. We went on the train from Yeovil pen mill, and got off at Bath spa. When we arrived in Bath Jane had printed off some maps so we could find where we wanted to go, although after spending about five minutes trying to decipher where we were and where we wanted to go on this tiny little map i discovered we had been stood behind a massive poster with the same map we had been looking at the whole time. We finally made it to Pultney Bridge it was absolutely beautiful, we had the weather on our side and it was a glorious day, the sun was shining and it was really warm.  We looked at the bridge and the all the little water falls underneath, in the meanwhile it was like Julia hadn’t left work and was constantly on the phone trying to sort things out. We went for a coffee in a little cafe which looked out right over the bridge and the water.  After that we went to the Queen Victoria art gallery and looked at some truly wonderful pieces of work full of colour, no two pieces were the same and were all fantastic in their own way. Upstairs in the gallery was full of much of older work which dated back to the 1300’s  the painting were a lot more dark and more depressing but were really good in their own way. Afterwards we walked up to Royal crescent and walked through the circus on the way, all the old Georgian houses were absolutely  stunning in the Royal crescent, here is where we has our picture taken, after multiple tries to get Jane’s camera to work, and Jane feeling more and more embarrassed we finally had one taken on my camera. Afterwards we sat in the green on the front of the crescent and sat down and had some lunch, the sun was still shining and made it all the more gorgeous and we had finally managed to prize Julia away from her phone for five minutes. Afterwards the time had flown by and it was nearly time to go home, and we hadn’t even done any shopping yet, we walked back to the town but on the way got drawn into lots of little shops with sales in. By the time we had got back to the town we only had about 40 minutes until we had to meet at the train station, although i was relieved i was knackered and ached everywhere i felt like i had walked a marathon. After popping in a few shops we all met at the train station, i know i can speak for us all when i say we had a really wonderful day and the weather was absolutely gorgeous.


Hello Sailor!

July 19th, 2011 by Becki in curriculum

Ian joined the WOEC group on a Monday for a sailing session.  The weather was ideal with glorious sunshine and just enough wind!

Ian took to it like a duck to water. (Like a duck in water, on a couple of occasions.)  Life on the ocean waves has never been so much fun!!

This is another fantastic resource for SLC students. Thank you to Rebecca for the work she puts in down there, and thank you to Sue for being brave/foolish enough to let Ian share your boat!