Careers Page

Post 16

The Centre works hard to ensure all pupils have the appropriate knowledge and understanding required to make informed judgements regarding post 16 destination.  Pupils currently participate in lessons created to address the world of work and independent living.  Working collaboratively with Ansbury Guidance to ensure all our Yr 10’s & Yr 11’s have direct 1:1 support in order to identify a career path or further training.

We have also developed strong partnerships with local education and training providers as listed below to enable pupils to experience college life through KS4 taster courses.  This has enabled pupils to make informed choices about their future.

Centre Advisor:  Alison McClurg

Alison is available at the Centre.  Pupils can request appointments through their Year Groups or by speaking to the office staff.

Alternatively, pupils and families can visit the Ansbury website for further information, guidance and support.