Today the Prince’s Trust XL Club started their new enterprise project. The group came up with the idea of a handmade card-making business after discussions following the Christmas holidays of the high prices that people paid for that special card for their loved ones (prices ranged between £4 and £7!!!).

So, the group set off to do some internet research, and were surprised by the amount of on-line card-making sites, all were charging very high prices for handmade cards. So with a portion of the funds they had raised on their Christmas stall, purchased all the resources they needed to start up their business.

As you can see the student’s first efforts are exceptional, and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching are hoping for lots of orders. The cards cost £1.50 each and can be customised for any occasion.

We wish the XL Club every success in their new venture, who knows this time next year they could be millionaires!!!!

Written on Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 at 8:56 am by PhilS. Filed under Links for students.

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