Billy Elliot

On Saturday 16th June, a small group of staff and Year 11 girls caught the early train up to London. The journey was uneventful and taken up with Emma winning at cards.

First off, the group went to Covent Garden where they spent time watching the street performers and rescuing Pam from one of the human statues. Having watched the fly-past by airplanes old and new for Trooping of the Colour, they took the slower and quieter route through the back streets of Soho to Leicester Square.

Billy Elliot was performed in the Victorian Palace Theatre. The building was a trip back in time to the old musical hall days, but Billy Elliot was slap bang up to date. The use of scenery and the sheer energy of the performances was exhilerating. By degrees, it was very funny, heartbreakingly sad and very moving.

The choreography was superb and the way the dancers, old and young, ran span and danced their way in and out of each other’s path was breathtaking.

The star of the show was undoubtedly Billy with his friend Michael not far behind him. The girls and the ladies all like the ‘older Billy’ the ballet dancer.

The show is like the film but we all felt the live performance was much better.

An excellent day out.

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