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Sherborne Learning Centre is one of five Learning Centres across Dorset who provide education for those pupils unable to sustain a full-time place in mainstream school.  Pupils are referred for additional support via a number of professionals including the Dorset Exclusions Officer, Health Professionals & CAMHS, Dorset LAC Team and Dorset SEN Team.

Pupils can only gain access to provision if a referral is agreed by the Alternative Provision Admissions Panel which is chaired by Mrs Sylvia Lord (Alternative Provision Commissioner).

Pupil Places

Sherborne Learning Centre (SLC) is currently able to offer 36 pupil places.

Admissions Process

Once a place has been agreed at panel with identifiable outcomes and time frames, parents will be contacted to arrange an induction meeting within 7-10 days.  Admission forms and a parent handbook will be posted to parents prior to this meeting but are also available from the school.

During the induction meeting, we will make initial plans for intervention and support and discuss an induction timetable which allows SLC staff time to complete baseline assessments and plan a differentiated programme that meets the needs of the individual pupil.

Provision cannot commence until the Centre is in receipt of all admission forms required.


Our new uniform has already proved to be a popular choice for students and we would encourage parents and carers to make sure their child leaves for school wearing the appropriate clothes – black trousers (school trousers or black jeans – no joggers or skinny jeans) or skirt of a suitable length, solid black shoes, school polo shirt and black sweatshirt or jumper if they prefer. These can be purchased through the office at SLC.


Ofsted Parent View

From September 2012 Ofsted have been giving schools virtually no notice of an inspection. (They phone the afternoon before they come in.) This means they do not have time to collect parents’ views to the same extent that they used to. Consequently they have set up an online survey to collect parents views throughout the year.

If you are the parent of one of our current or past students, it would be extremely helpful if you could take a few minutes to complete the survey for SLC.

Thank you.

SLC Parent View Survey.

Child Protection and Safeguarding

We take child protection and the safeguarding of students, families and staff very serious. The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Victoria Rashleigh and the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead is Kelly Knight . All can be contacted on 01935 814582.

Please note that should your parents wish to find out more about Safeguarding they can access useful advice and documents on the DSCB web-site.

Resource for parents of children ‘in trouble online’.
The Lucy Faithful Foundation has produced an excellent guide for parents of children or young people who have ‘got into trouble online’.
It covers three main areas:
  • child exhibiting risk-taking behaviour by accessing adult pornography online
  • child behaving irresponsibly by sending or receiving sexual images
  • child arrested for viewing indecent images of children
Clearly written it explains lots of things that many parents won’t be aware of or have thought about, and provides sound reassurance as well as advice and guidance about how to deal with what are likely to be challenging and difficult situations for a family.  It provides links to all sorts of additional resources and includes a Family Safety Plan for families to use as a tool themselves.
The NWG Network charity has launched its ‘Say Something’ campaign which has been developed with young people and aims to safeguard vulnerable children and young people by empowering them to identify early indicators of child sexual exploitation (CSE).
Say Something offers a free 24 hour anonymous phone and SMS helpline:
116 000 to disclose information and seek support.


Keeping safe online and with new technology (such as just about every kind of new phone coming on the market), otherwise known as e-safety, is becoming increasingly important. Know IT All for Parents is a great website for information about all aspects of what your child may or may not be up to!

Also available is this Guide for Parents, Carers and Teachers about Social Networking Sites, available as a pdf download and the BSL SMART Rules page is good too.

Other sources of advice, information and support are available in the links menu in the sidebar.

Behaviour for learning

All teachers contribute to establishing a positive environment for learning. We believe in strong partnerships with parents and carers and will :

  • Send regular reports home
  • Have individual meetings with parents and pupils to discuss progress and skills for learning.
  • Regularly contact parents with good news and anything we may be concerned about e.g. attendance

Parent Support

Dorset’s Family Information Service can be found here and publish a regular newsletter here.

Concerns, compliments and complaints

If you have any concerns, compliments or complaints to make about any aspect of our work at Sherborne Learning Centre then please do not hesitate to contact us by any of the above methods. Our complaints procedure complies with Section 29 of the Education Act 2002.  Please see our Special Education Needs (SEN) and Disability Policy for information,  concerns, compliments or complaints from parents/carers from children with SEN.  Our full Complaints Procedure can be downloaded here [pdf].